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Helpful Websites, Podcasts & Webinars Plus Beneficial Books

Updated: May 11, 2023

The following links will provide lots of helpful information and will expand on many of the matters covered in the main blog.

Helpful Websites

Boots in the Dirt - great information of lots of aspects related to soil and plant health

An Insight into the Real Causes of Compaction (Correcting the Cause)

Overcoming Soil Compaction

Allan Savory - TED Talk - understand foundations for rotational grazing

Benefits of Sea Minerals

Sea Minerals as Fertiliser

Liquid Sea Minerals / MycorrPlus

Key to Soil Health - Full Spectrum Nutrition through All Minerals

Periodic Table - Minerals, Metals etc - (See Feature Demo Link at Bottom of Screen)

Minerals are the Foundation to Health

Soil Food Web concept - Elaine Ingham.

Introduction to the Soil Food Web - Urban Worm Company (great photos)

TheNature's Soil Food Web - Urth Agriculture

The Importance of Well Structured Soil - Elaine Ingham / Soil Food Web

Ten Steps to Biological Farming (NutriSoil)

Greater Production by Building Soil Biology (NutriSoil)

How Soil Microbes Influence Nutrient Availability

To Restore Soil - Feed the Microbes

Soil Temperature Impact on Microbes

Understanding Soil Biology

Understanding and Managing Soil Microbes

Electrical Conductivity (EC) - also impacted by biological activity including microbes

Using a Refractometer (Brix meter) and Understanding Importance of Brix

Humus - Graeme Sait (NutriTech Solutions) TED Talk

Humus - Wikipedia

Humus - What is It and How is It Formed?

Garden Mulch

Minerals, Microbes and Mycorrhizal Fungi Working Together - Acres USA

The Best Way to Neutralise Soil pH (NOT AgLime)

Effects of Soil Acidity on Nutrient Availability (Agriculture Victoria)

Gabe Brown 2020 Presentation

Regeneration of Our Lands - Gabe Brown TED Talk

Gabe Brown with Dr David Johnson - Regenerating the Diversity of Life in the Soil

Gabe Brown on Cover Crops and Use of Electric Fences

Making Fungal Compost Extract

Ten Steps to Biological Farming

Dung Beetles

Dung Beetles Improve Soil Health



The Earthworm Edge

Types of Earthworms and Benefits

Compost Worms

The Science of Vermiculture - Nakala Maddock (NutriSoil)

Regenerative Grazing Principles (especially Principles 2 - 6)

Soil, Water & Grazing (includes video on testing water penetration)

How to Read a Pasture

Pasture & Grazing (incl. short video of moving an electric fence fitted with a tumblewheel)

Daily Pasture Rotation Strategy and Rules

Visual Indicators of Soil Condition

Soil Biology (Soil Food Web)

Microbial Plant Partnerships - Nicole Masters

From the Ground Up - Regenerative Agriculture (Charles Massy)

The Role of Soil Fungus

The Role of Mycorrhizal Fungi in Regenerating Healthy Soils & Agricultural Productivity

Mycorrhizal Fungi

Mycorrhizal Fungi - Powerhouse of the Soil

Rotational Grazing - Small Scale

When to Start Grazing a Pasture

Varied Approach to Rotational Grazing - Recycling More Through Cattle

Developing Pasture without Planting Seed

Cover crops building soil health

Restoring Soil Health

Fungal Dominant Compost - Johnson-Su Bioreactor

Static Pile Fungal Compost Presentation (Dr David Johnson)

A Slightly Different Way to Make a Johnson-Su Bioreactor

Dr David Johnson Inoculating Seed with His Fungal Dominant Compost Extract

Inoculating Small Quantities of Seed

Inoculating Seed

Ian & Di Haggerty - seed inoculation - farming sandy soil in very low rainfall

An Overview of Regenerative Agriculture Principles

Why Healthy Soil Has an Earthy Smell

Building Soil Carbon - Nature’s Way

Building Soil Carbon with Year-long Green Farming

Increasing Soil Organic Matter (Carbon)

Carbon Friendly Beef Enterprise

The Link Between Carbon and Healthy Soil

Soil Restoration - 5 Core Principles (Dr Christine Jones)

The Phosphorus Paradox (Dr Christine Jones)

Secrets of the Soil Sociobiome (Dr Christine Jones)

Quorum Sensing (Dr Christine Jones)

Liquid Carbon Pathway

Restoring Farmland Soils (Dr Christine Jones)

Building New Topsoil through the Liquid Carbon Pathway (Dr Christine Jones)

Light Farming - the Power of Photosynthesis (Dr Christine Jones)

Look, Learn, Listen - Recognise, Relate, Innovate (Dr Christine Jones)

Building Healthy Soil from Mob Grazing (Greg Judy)

Water in Rotational Grazing

Mobile Cattle Watering System - How to Build

Electric Fencing - Common Mistakes

Soils for Life - short documentary

The Living Soil - Arthropods

Soil Fertility Management

Improving Soil Carbon - Soilkee Renovator

Soil Carbon - Soilkee Renovator and Pasture

Cows, Carbon & Climate - Joel Salatin

Benefits of Activating the Carbon Sequestration Switch

Beneficial Insects

Pasture Pests & Beneficial Insects

Molasses Based Liquid Supplement - Source of Minerals

Microbes & Molasses

Understanding and Managing Soil Microbes - PennState Extension

Weeds - How they can Benefit and What they Tell You

Soil and Seed (including where to source fungal material)

Kiss the Ground Movie (the importance of the Regenerative Agriculture Journey)

Making Soils Healthier - Lactobionate

Biochar and Dung Beetles - Doug Pow

Disc coulter sowing through lots of Organic Matter

Raw Milk for Agriculture & the Garden

Regenerative Farming - a Natural Way to Counteract Drought (Australian Story)

Leaky Weirs and Landscape Rehydration

Leaky Weirs - turning a dry gully into a semi-permanent watercourse

Gully Erosion

Controlling Pests

Diatomaceous Earth - Feed Supplement, Insecticide / Pesticide

Diatomaceous Earth - for Cattle (uses and benefits)

Rehydrating the Soil

NOTE: Graeme Sait of NutriTech Solutions is not only a farmer and entrepreneur but also one of the foremost educators in the world in regenerative agriculture. He has an extensive blog on his website with not just links to his very popular Podcast series but also many other resources for learning.

Podcasts & Webinars

Cover Crops - Grant Sims from Down Under Covers

Multi Species Forage / Cover Crops - Grant Sims & Simon Mattsson / NutriSoil

Soil Health Matters by Nicole Masters (link part way down this site)

The Rhizosphere - What it Is and Why it is is So Amazing (and important)

Inoculating Seed

Building Resiliency - Epigenetics (Gabe Brown & Dr Allen Williams)

The Nitrogen Solution - Dr Christine Jones

The Benefits of Seaweed in Agriculture - John Kempf

NOTE: Graeme Sait of NutriTech Solutions is not only a farmer and entrepreneur but also one of the foremost educators in the world in regenerative agriculture. He has an extensive blog on his website with not just links to his very popular Podcast series but also many other resources for learning.

Beneficial Books

‘Call of the Reed Warbler’ - Charles Massy. - University of Queensland Press

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